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Coffee is a passion for most baristas. Coffee lovers are always on the lookout for that perfect cup of Joe, and those who have perfected it want to share their love with others in order to bring everyone joy through coffee. If you’re looking for your next favorite drink, one of our talented barista’s will help you find just what suits you!

Mark & Melissa


Mark & Melissa

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2014 marks the year when I knew we’d open a coffee shop one day. We moved to Texas from Colorado in 2017. Like many moving here from other parts of the country, I was surprised when the only coffee shop was a good distance away. I was used to being able to walk out my door, head just about any direction and walk to a community coffee shop. I had a favorite shop to meet up with a friend, another for a quick cup on the fly, and another when I wanted to curl up with a good book for a couple of hours.

I knew there was a need in Haslet, which is the location of our flagship Froth. The area is growing so fast and we wanted to offer coffee shop the community could enjoy. Of course, when we signed the lease for the coffee shop, we had no idea we would be grounded by a pandemic for months. Like so many, all future plans were put on hold. We had to wait months to be able to start construction on our first shop, alas, we finally opened in July 2020.

It’s been more than six years in the making. Back when Froth Coffee Bar was just a concept, I knew providing exquisite coffee beans was just the beginning. If you’ve been in the shop, it’s likely you will hear me talk about our journey to find the perfect coffee and the steps we took to ensure we were providing the best tasting beans we could find.

We recruited our friends and family from coast-to-coast for over one year. We would send bags of beans to everyone we knew with a simple number on each bag, no other markings or hints as to the origin of the coffee. We’d ask our trusted coffee experts to rate the beans using a stringent criteria rating each bag of beans from aroma to taste and everything between. We’d send 15 bags and wait approximately 15 weeks to get the results on each batch of beans. We did this over and over; mixing up their favorites and sending them back to test their coffee pallets as well as their consistency in ratings. What happened over the year was an assimilation of “favorites” that were highly ranked by people we trust. Those beans make up the bulk of what we offer at Froth.

For many, coffee is like fine wine. Everything that happens to the beans in the production of a cup of coffee affects the taste, the color, the texture, and the overall experience. Because of this, there are many different varieties of coffee, each with their own distinct qualities as well as how the beans are grown, produced, and roasted. It’s for this reason that we use only the finest beans. Many of our coffee beans are certified organic, or single-origin or fair-trade coffee. Organic coffee assists in keeping the environment safe and healthy as a result of the stringent regulations and conditions that coffee farmers must adhere to, to retain their organic certification. The coffee bean industry is heavily monitored and regulated to ensure quality standards. We’ve canvassed the globe to find the very best coffee available.

Here at Froth Coffee Bar, we offer exotic coffee from several different regions around the world, and we take pride in our ability to provide consistent, crop-current, specialty-roasted gourmet coffee. Our gourmet coffees are 100% Arabica beans imported from coffee bean farms located all over the world, including Jamaica, the Caribbean, and our Kona coffee is grown in Hawaii, here in the United States. Our Single-origin coffee is coffee grown within a single known geographic region, meaning one farm. All our coffees are grown and produced using environmentally friendly practices. Many of our coffees are available in decaf as well as regular roast. Our coffee is packaged in one-pound bags, allowing our customers to maintain freshness in manageable quantities. Our roasters provide same-day roasting and shipping to ensure your coffee is fresh, offering consistently flavorful coffee to the bottom of the bag.

From light to medium-bodied, to bold, regular and decaf, our organic and single-origin coffee is always fresh and flavorful, and distinctively exotic. We have partnered with coffee roasters that travel the globe to bring you the best coffee beans the earth has to offer, and that is made apparent in the unmatched quality of our premium coffee.

Our organic coffee beans are grown primarily under tree canopies; this extra level of care supports the conservation of forests, bird populations native to the origin, and helps to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem. One requirement is that completely organic fertilizer be used to retain their organic certification. As a result, there are no harmful chemical exposures to the environment, the farmers, or to the consumer!

We offer Non-GMO, Fair-Trade coffee beans. Along with the organic certification qualifications, a significant benefit associated with the Fair-Trade certification is the associated labor standards, which create partnerships based on transparency, dialog, and respect, with the common goal being equity of international trading. These labor regulations assist farmers with adequate working wages and conditions.

The Froth story will continue as we add more community coffee shops to the DFW area.